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A creative hub that specializes in helping you develop your vision. 


Work with our professional team to craft your best-seller.

Brand Strategy

Work with our creative team to bring your brand to life. 

Small Event Space

Host your next small event at our Creative HQ..

Create an unforgettable and unique literary experience

Writing a book is a significant accomplishment, but the publishing process can feel overwhelming. Here at Small House Publishing, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a streamlined publishing process that produces a polished and marketable product.


Our team of editors, formatting designers and graphic designers work seamlessly together to deliver our client’s vision in excellence. By joining our Small House Publishing family, you are ensuring that your book will have a sustainable shelf life while competing with the best in the industry.

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You create while we help you build an engaging brand. 

As a creative, I understand how difficult it can be to focus on the "other stuff." However, I have also realized how important the "other stuff" is!

Our Small House creative team is here to help you develop a brand strategy to make your creative process flow with ease!


Small House Creative HQ

Our event space, spanning 800 square feet, is ideal for small and intimate gatherings. Designed with style and creativity in mind, Small House Creative HQ offers a unique and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for bringing people together for various events.

Services We Offer

Our team of creative professionals includes graphic designers, copy writers, and stylists and much more to meet your project needs!

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Dinning Room


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Our sessions are more than just photography - they're an immersive journey into your brand's story. With expert makeup, styling, and staging, we ensure every detail is perfect.


But it's not just about the visuals. At Small House, we specialize in crafting a fun, personalized experience tailored to each client.


We're dedicated to bringing your vision to life, from the initial concept to the final product, ensuring you feel confident and reassured every step of the way.


Join us and discover the Small House Effect - where creativity meets comfort and every moment is tailored to you. Book your Branding Mini-Session today, and let's create something extraordinary together!

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Client Review

Small House Publishing has been an answer to prayer and patience. I liken vetting publishing companies for modern writers to shopping in a big box store... take your pick of convenience. For those who want to be quickly published into the  prolific book market, this is a feasible option.  However, I knew I wanted my project to receive nuanced attention. I preferred a boutique experience that recognized my needs and the sensibilities of my project. I knew I would not be satisfied with a generic approach to publishing this book. Working with Small House has been everything but; I don't know if I could have imagined a more polished, collaborative, and personally specialized approach to making my "book dreams" become reality. I'm thrilled to be the first of many to have their writing become handled with such care and vision.  I'm a fan!  

- L. Danielle Gibson


From Healing to Wholeness

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