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​As writers and lead publishers at Small House Publishing, Troy and Susan share a passion for the Arts and those who create it. It is their desire to see more creatives fulfilling their purpose by providing them with opportunities to build community, sharpen their craft, and create without fear.  

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Polished and personally specialized

Small House Publishing has been an answer to prayer and patience. I liken vetting publishing companies for modern writers to shopping in a big box store... take your pick of convenience. For those who want to be quickly published into the  prolific book market this is a feasible option. However, I knew I wanted my project to receive nuanced attention. I preferred a boutique experience that recognized my needs and the sensibilities of my project. I knew I would not be satisfied with a generic approach to publishing this book. Working with Small House has been everything but; I don't know if I could have imagined a more polished, collaborative and personally specialized approach to making  my "book dreams" become reality. I'm thrilled to be the first of many to have their writing become handled with such care and vision. I'm a fan! 

L. Danielle Gibson


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