Terms & Conditions

1. Payment

a. Deposit: A deposit of 50% is due upon booking 

b. Rental Fee: The rental fee is due in full at least 14 days before the date of use.

c. Cancellation/Refund: If cancellation by either party is more than 30 days before the scheduled use of the facilities, the rental fee and deposit will be returned.  If Renter cancels 15-30 days before the scheduled use of the facility, Small House will retain a 10% cancellation fee.  If the Renter cancels within two (2) weeks of the event, Small House will retain a 25% cancelation fee.

d. Additional Charges: If any charges are incurred during the event, an additional invoice will be forwarded to the renter.

2. Set Up - Clean Up - Decorations and Rented Equipment

a. Set Up: Access to the facilities for setting up, including catering set up, will be during the hours stated on the contract ONLY.  Set up may be completed during off-hours, with the prior approval of a Small House staff member.  If set up is needed during closed hours, staff time will be charged to have the suite open and a staff member present.

b. Clean Up: The premises must be left in the same condition and repair as found at the beginning of the rental period. All food, beverages, equipment, and rented supplies must be removed from the premises immediately after each use of the facility and no later than the exit time stated on the contract, or the renter will be charged an excess fee.

c. Decorations:

i. Displays, floral arrangements, decorations, musical equipment, and so on, must be free-standing so as not to damage or deface the premises (no nails, tape, glue or other types of adhesive may be used.  No item may rest against or touch woodwork, walls or glass.)

ii. Decorations must be flame retardant to protect the premises. 

iii.  The lighting of candles is permitted but must be closely monitored. 

iv. Dry ice or any other type of smoke generating devices are prohibited.


3. Food, Beverage, and Products

a. Alcohol:

i. Alcohol must be removed from the premises at the end of the event.


b. Smoking: The entire facility is non-smoking, and we request, and will enforce, strict observance of this regulation.  


4. Food and Beverage Service

a. Catering: Outside catering is permitted. Caterers must follow all necessary safety precautions. Renter is held liable for any issues that may amount from outside catering service. 


5. Destruction and Damage

a. Damage: If there is any damage to the facility, displays, furniture, or any of the contents of the building during the rental period, the renter shall be required to pay for all necessary repairs or replacement. This includes any damage to the technical equipment when operated by anyone other than staff members of Small House. 


6. Responsibility

a. Conduct The conduct of all participants and spectators while in Small House Creative HQ  shall be the responsibility of the renter.  The renter also accepts all responsibility for any injury to person(s) or property or loss or damage to property or theft of personal property in Small House Creative HQ premises during the rental period. Failure by any individual or group to follow all applicable rules and regulations will be cause for immediate eviction.  Small House Creative HQ  retains the right to evict objectionable persons from the premises.  Repeated violations may result in denial of future reservation requests.