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5 Ways Authors Can Grow Their Online Presence!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Whether you are a new author or an author looking to continue to grow their audience, here a 5 quick tips to help you grow an ENGAGED audience!

At Small House, we frequently utter the term "progress, not perfection." I have to remind myself of this every day. The things we continually work on and pursue are what improve us and are the reasons we have success.

Having a strategy is one of the best things an author can do to carry out that progress and see tangible outcomes from their labor. It can be challenging to determine what modifications authors need to make whether they are just starting out or if they want to advance their careers.

Therefore, I decided to share 5 practical and feasible actions that you can do to increase your online presence and make a significant impact.

You don't need to be present everywhere online to be seen & heard! One major error that authors make is taking on too much book marketing, which causes exhaustion. If your ideal reader isn't on Instagram, you don't have to be there either. You also don't have to participate in every trend. See where your traffic is coming from by reviewing your website analytics every week. If you are spending a lot of time on Twitter but aren't getting any traffic as a result, you might want to try something new. Consider changing your plan if the effort you are putting in isn't yielding any results.p

When you stop learning, you stop growing. Taking a few minutes every day or an hour every week to read up on what’s happening in your industry, to learn something new, or stretch yourself. You never know what you’ll find!

As an author, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details and to-do lists that we can’t see past the end of the week. What is it that you want to accomplish? What are your goals? When you have an end goal, you’re able to make a plan on how to actually get there. Take a few minutes every week to jot your thoughts/ideas down and see how you’re progressing to get yourself to that goal. It’s a great motivator!

Creating consistent content on your website & social media is the absolute best way to get people excited about your writing, your book, your expertise, and so much more. When you can provide content that speaks to your ideal reader, it gives them a taste of what they can expect in your book and, most importantly, it drives them back to your website. This is how you build visibility online.

Do some research and find 2-3 hashtags that your ideal reader uses. Search those hashtags to find posts that fit your ideal reader and leave a comment, like their post, maybe even follow them if you like their feed. Remember, it’s not your reader’s job to find you - it’s your job to find your readers. And this is a fantastic (and easy!) way to do that.

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