The Last Winter

Sometimes love is simply...complicated.


Cece moves swiftly yet cautiously across the cobblestone paved street. The bistro lights shine like a beacon welcoming home old ships, and she is home. Reaching for the door, she pauses to smooth her wind-tossed hair. Perfect. Once inside, she removes her scarf and scans the room. She sees him seated at their table. Greeting the hostess with a smile, she makes her way to him. He greets her while standing to take her coat. His hand brushes gently against the back of her neck as he moves her hair to the side. Before she can catch it, she exhales a faint, "Winter."

Her perfume has whispers of sandalwood and amber. Winter recognizes her scent the moment she steps into the room. With Cece's entry comes the warmth of his fondest memories. They have shared dozens of sunsets, feet digging into loosened sand, and one particular private island getaway that solidified what they recognized on their first date over mediocre fajitas --they are destined to be.

"What are you thinking about?" Winter asks. "You have that look in your eyes." "The wind is picking up out there." she nervously responds. Divert. He presses his cheek against hers. "I know your mind. You confuse everyone but me. You are my wonderwall, Cece.” She slowly smiles and falls in love with him for the first time that night and the hundredth time in their history.

"So what was so urgent that you have me out during this windstorm in the middle of the week? Your message had me a little worried." She says. Winter pulls her chair out, a usual gesture. Cece steadies her nervousness and tries her best to appear graceful. She immediately reaches for the menu to avoid eye contact. There is no lies in her eyes. Cece is still as disquieted as she was their first time together. Something about his presence shrank her but in a way that made her more self-aware. She yielded to him without resistance, and in that yielding, she found within herself a softness that she often desired. "Do you need to look at that? You order the same thing every time we dine here. Besides, I've already ordered for you." Winter said with self-assured hubris. Cece sighs, piqued at his audacity, but this was his way with her. He knew her and made her aware of that at all times.


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